Water Keeps California Green

Water is what keeps California alive and green. The decisions we make about water today will effect us for generations to come. Most people think when it finally rains good-and-hard that this problem will finally be over. Unfortunately these people haven't been told about the difference between a "drought" and a "legislated drought." Don't get me wrong, everyone understands the clouds have held back their dew but these problems are compounded by irrational solutions.

You will find that many of the people whom we hoped would help us through this trial don't have your best interest in mind. This is why we created KeepCalifornia.Green. So you can hear the decisions that are made with your water and be given tools to take action and make a difference.



 Six Ways To Make Difference

Help Your Neighbor

Farms are under attack by federal regulators. Help the Duarte Family fight a battle of unjust fines and lengthy court battles.


As a Californian, your voice is important and needs to be heard! Take action today.

Attend Events

Hear from regulators and experts and hear what they plan to do with California's resources.

Print Tools

Most Californians don't know the wasteful policies. Print up .PDF document to share at farmers markets and with friends.


Californivore = Shop and buy food from local California based farms.

Learn Water News

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  • If you can't fill one reservoir, why build more?
  • If reservoirs are almost empty, why would we make the ones we have larger?
  • Why are regulators trying to send 50% of the water to the ocean?
  • What's the greatest threat to endangered fish?
  • Who is using most of California's water?

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