Why KeepCalifornia.Green

California's rich soil, mild weather, and innovative people have blessed us with some of the most productive farmland in the world. According to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service, out of our 52 states and 16 territories, California grows 97% of U.S.  prunes and plums, 91% of U.S. strawberries, 100% of U.S. olives, 94% of U.S. Nectarines, 100 of U.S. grapes, 100% of U.S. dates, 100% of U.S. kiwis, 86% of U.S. avocados, 99% of U.S. tangerines and mandarins, 86% of U.S. apricots, 100% of U.S. artichokes, 96% of U.S. broccoli, 98% of U.S. cauliflower, 95% or U.S. celery, 98% of U.S. garlic, 91% of U.S. tomatoes,  and the list keeps going. In other words, if you're eating fresh guacamole in Texas, chances are good that your avocados came from the Golden State.

This abundance provides Californians with more affordable food, access to healthy meals, and over 700,000 jobs throughout the state. See what it means to be a Californivore.

Unfortunately these California blessings are facing tough challenges that turn our green California farmland into ghost-towns of dead trees and abandoned farms. Some challenges include unjust fines and government overreach such as the case with Duarte Farms. Other challenges include outrageous misuse of our resources such as with the State Waterboards sending 40% of California's water to the ocean without justifiable cause.

KeepCalifornia.Green was founded in response to the obscene misuse of our resources. We stand firm in protecting both the environment and our green California farmland. We want to share solutions that protect fish and families--our environment and our food. Join us in exploring the latest studies from scientists, biologists and farmers who are working together to protect your California blessings.


To provide solutions that protect our marvelous environment and our green California farmland as well as provide the tools to be a powerful voice for effective results.

Who We Are

Simply put, we are Californians excited about positive solutions that protect our unique Californian environment and bountiful Californian farmland. We are a small group of friends made of two teachers, a programmer, an interior decorator,  electrician, insurance specialist, and medical rep. We are just a few everyday Californians who are passionate about solutions scientists, biologists, and farmers are developing to solve our toughest problems. We ski in our mountains, surf our beaches and eat the best fruits and vegetables your will ever find.