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Californivore [kal-uh-fawrn-i-vôr]
  1. People possessing a high standard for food. Their desire leads them to purchase and consume California grown produce in order to support local economy, families, and growers. Let's not beat around the bush; our fruit is sweeter, our growing practices are safer for consumers, by-and-large we are more eco-friendly than that of imported foods, and California farm laborers are treated better here than other states and countries we import food from.
    Ex:"I wish I lived in California so I could eat the sweet fruit and crisp vegetables at the beach like all the Californivores."

Why Shop Local

  • Locally owned businesses, purchase more goods from local suppliers, and employ fellow Californians. This directly impacts the families you see on the road and in town everyday.
  • California has some of the highest growing standards in the world related to employee well being, food safety and the environment. There are always areas to be improved and California will work on that. But when you buy California grown produce, you are supporting better growing practices and rejecting lower standards.
  • When more money gets re-circulated in the community, general prosperity and tax revenues increase. These revenues help pay for city light, water purification, schools, and countless other resources that we Californians are blessed to enjoy. Buying imported goods sends that money out of our cities where it can no longer benefit our families.
  • A local owner has a stake in the community as do you. Therefore locally owned businesses tend to stick around when times get tough. They don't move the operation overseas. They are invested in the same communities you are. This creates more stability in the local economy.
  • Locally produced goods and produce tend to be owned by smaller businesses who place a high premium on being easily accessible by local residents like you. This cuts down on car travel and promotes sustainable neighborhood economies while at the same time avoids high public expenses for shopping center infrastructure costs.
  • Business owners, who live in town, take better care of the environment, participate in public life and local charities.
  • A robust variety of locally owned businesses contributes to a stronger local identity and cultural diversity, creating an attractive place to live and visit.
  • Strengthening our locally owned business community promotes authentic and meaningful relationships between employees, business owners, customers, suppliers, and neighbors. When you buy from a locally owned business, often your purchase benefits your neighbors and friends.