five ways to make a difference

Why Get Involved

There may not be another environmental decision in your lifetime that is as impacting on the environment (including rivers, fish, and people) as the one the Waterboard will soon impose. You have the chance to promote sound solutions that protect endangered fish and Californians.

The Waterboard is a five-member board that was not elected to their authority. They were hand selected to make immense decisions which will have a colossal impact on California. For example, should they have imposed their agenda in 2015, many of California's most abundant water-districts would have received zero gallons of water to supply cities, schools, hospitals, farms, and businesses. The Waterboard would do this in hopes to solve an environmental problem but unfortunately, according to biologists, they would accomplish next to nothing. The Waterboard's "solution" does not address predation of endangered fish, it does not deal with invasive species, they are not restoring spawning habitat, they are not addressing outdated laws that waste water, they are not attracting the appropriate food supply for endangered fish,  and they will harm endangered fish in the warmer months (learn More about effective water solutions).

Below we listed 5 ways you can make a positive difference!

1 "Worth Your Fight" Petition

Worth Your Fight created an online petition to help you send a message to the State Water Board. Let them know you aren't going to accept their wasteful expectations.

2 Contact the State Water Resources Control Board

Contact leaders at the State Water Resources Control Board and respectfully tell them your thought and concerns:
(Feel free to use part or all of the sample message below)

3 Contact the Governor

Contact Governor Brown and respectfully tell him your concerns regarding new water management legislation. Remind him that there are proven solutions that work which are far more effective than letting the State Waterboard send 40% unimpaired flows to the ocean.

4 Local Media

Submit a letter to your local media to inform them of solutions that work and of the waste that the State Water Board will impose on all Californians.

5 Share With Your Friends Online!

Most Californians know we are in a drought but don't know what they can do to help. It's crucial you spread the word and share these stories with your friends by email, facebook, instagram, twitter, pintrist, and in your other networks.

Use all or part of the following message to voice your concerns:

I strongly oppose the State Water Board's agenda to increase flows on the Tuolumne River. Such an action does not have substantial evidence to protect endangered Salmon and Steelhead. I ask you, how is more water going to protect endangered fish when at least 95% of the Salmon and Steelhead are devoured by invasive species such as Largemouth Bass? Divert your efforts to fight predation caused by artificially introduced predators.

Levees that are designed to prevent floods from escaping the river's banks will prevent even very high flows from producing additional spawning grounds for fish. It is far more successful to cultivate spawning habitats back into the river in key locations such as in the Honolulu Bar Restoration Project.

Increasing water flows to the State Water Board's desired level is more likely to have irreversible negative effects upon surface water supply, groundwater, jobs, and food costs than it is to have a measurable benefit to the environment.

For the sake of our environment and of all Californians, I urge all State Water Board members to consider the alternatives to flushing so much water away.